¡Zen y La Fermata! – Companion Projects Index

This avant gard 3 companion art piece by me, Damien Riley, can seem complicated.

How do you access and experience all three domains?

Easy: Use this page as an index for the three parts and refer to it while exploring the exhibits and I think most will understand and enjoy this powerful and sometimes taboo work quite well. I am affixing it to the top of my site for easy reference. It will likely be a while until my next big project. Until then subscribe to my site and like wherever you find me! It helps me eat and care for (spoil) my three kids. God bless you for helping.

Jumping around is allowed. I now release you to look around the exhibit. When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. I feel I have here to n this conglomerate art piece 4u 4me 4all.

“Strawberry Fields, nothing is real.” -John Lennon

Namaste. ♥️🎙️🎸📚


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