About Me

Press Release: “Damien Riley is an Author/English Professor/Guitarist/Songwriter and Podcaster. “The Riley on Film podcast” can be heard at rileyonfilm.com and wherever podcasts are broadcast. He is a film critic, teacher and freelance writer with an MA in English with an emphasis in Language, Writing, and Rhetoric from California State University, Fullerton. He shares movie reviews and diary entries often online. Damien has lifelong experience playing guitar and piano in bands professionally. He’s divorced and has 3 children.”

A personal introduction from Damien:

Hi! I’ve written two books. Both are reflections on my teaching career, staying creative, being a dad and finding success and survival as one who suffers from Bipolar disorder. There’s a lot of humor in my books. If you’re a similar soul, I know you’d like them. Thanks for reading. Find out what I’m up to by the moment here at my blog: rileyonfilm.com My podcast and online diary as well as my music portfolio. Namaste.

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