The House That Jack Built 6/10

This mercurial film has received so much press it made my head spin. I just finished watching it and I have to say it isn’t as good as they say and not as bad either. It is a movie, that’s the only safe thing to say for sure.

The kills are heartless. Jack has no empathy. This is part and parcel for every serial killer we know. To be honest, it’s kind of a tired premise if you asked me. Yes the kills are gruesome though most the reactions are just that and not shown onscreen. It’s what we imagine is happening that repulses us the most. Jack’s “playroom” is an acquired pizza place walk-in cooler. That’s where he keeps the bodies.

Jack is killing a new person or set in each “incident.” They watch like chapters in a book. He’s OCD and that’s supposed to be funny but it’s not. Irony like this is old and worn out. I was surprised Lars reduced his writing to use it.

There has been hue and cry about disfiguring children. While a hunting based scene is horrible, the fashioning of the victims afterwards is not that bad. People wigged out too much. It is entertaining but tries to be Dante’s Inferno too much toward the end. It feels like Lars got tired and just went a whole different direction for the end. I did enjoy it but it’s not great or shitty, just meh. 6/10

A Podcast a Day Keeps the …

My last 5 podcasts have been a day apart. They all got 10 listens each. I always think of the potential ten heads that heard my reviews and that seems exciting to me. To most podcasters that is probably nothing, they would quit if they only had that few. Of course, I wouldn’t kick more listeners out of bed if you know what I mean.

This will likely explain to my readers here why I haven’t been as active in my reviews here lately. So have you given the podcast a listen yet? Give it a whirl. I’m watching my movie now and will record a podcast this evening. I am sure I will slow down soon but for now, I like doing it like a movie diary. Bookmark it:

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