I Am My Guardian Angel

James Stevenson has Guardian Angel lessons on Youtube. I’m still learning. I’m sure I have one but haven’t yet known that. This is a new take on it.

In my spiritual practice in the last 3 years or so, I’ve discovered the path of self compassion as a protective and edifying way to live. Tara Brach is an excellent teacher on this. I understand it much better than when I started and so far in my life it’s been the primary mode of healing. Recently I have been hearing teachers mention guardian angels and I have been skeptical. Still, there have been times I may have identified one as present. I know that sounds out there but bear with me.

In self care I feel outside my body, as if I can see myself from outside myself. I have been taught this is effective also in meditation. Deepak Chopra talks about the ego self, the true self, and the observer. I get the observer part, the others I’m still learning. Knowing this, I thought to myself: “I can have self compassion for Damien and be a sort of guardian to him.” I am very good at taking care of my daughter and my cats, and in a professional way my students. What if I saw myself with compassion in the same ways? Something I took the time to share with you tonight. Your thoughts? Namaste.

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Ego and Presence

You know that feeling when the sun is on your face or you just ate a wonderful meal? You’re ready to take on anything? That’s presence.

Ego can’t be in presence and vice versa. There’s only room for one in your consciousness. Practice presence in your life.

See you at Hilltop Apple Valley Fwb 24, 2024!