I Am My Guardian Angel

James Stevenson has Guardian Angel lessons on Youtube. I’m still learning. I’m sure I have one but haven’t yet known that. This is a new take on it.

In my spiritual practice in the last 3 years or so, I’ve discovered the path of self compassion as a protective and edifying way to live. Tara Brach is an excellent teacher on this. I understand it much better than when I started and so far in my life it’s been the primary mode of healing. Recently I have been hearing teachers mention guardian angels and I have been skeptical. Still, there have been times I may have identified one as present. I know that sounds out there but bear with me.

In self care I feel outside my body, as if I can see myself from outside myself. I have been taught this is effective also in meditation. Deepak Chopra talks about the ego self, the true self, and the observer. I get the observer part, the others I’m still learning. Knowing this, I thought to myself: “I can have self compassion for Damien and be a sort of guardian to him.” I am very good at taking care of my daughter and my cats, and in a professional way my students. What if I saw myself with compassion in the same ways? Something I took the time to share with you tonight. Your thoughts? Namaste.

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