What would you do if you could stop time?

Nicholson Baker’s book. “Dodgy” but an “unleashing” engagement of the wanton molestation of women caught in time. Novel indeed!! Seriously, this book from the 90’s has been highly entertaining to me! That’s part of my new album/book title: “Zen y La Fermata.” Is there time? That’s gonna be addressed in my upcoming work. While I borrow from Nicholson Baker’s novel, only inspiring parts. Some parts are not right. I’m not borrowing those. His prose is entirely outside of time and touched by angels. I recommend his book (and mine when it’s released).

My new album and book are coming (no pun) lol Summer 2024.

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Last Shift 10/10

Great low budget supernatural horror flick. I loved it!!

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From my classroom last semester.

“This is my review of the film, Last Shift. It’s a horror movie, and I watched it on Tubi. To begin with, how many movies, not just horror, use the theme of a rookie?

I remember my first night closing up a restaurant on my own. Part of the terror she experiences in this film is due to her mindset. What’s up with mindset?

This was something that came down the pike, probably close to 20 years ago, maybe 10 years ago. I don’t know, I can’t keep track of the decades anymore. I just turned 55, and I just don’t get time.

I don’t really believe in time. I think we’re just here like the pterodactyls and the T-Rexes were in the present moment, and that’s all there is, but we invented time. And that’s why we invented eternity, because we invented time.

But really, there’s only the present moment and 100 trillion years or however old the universe is. So, having said that, I just created a mindset for myself, maybe for you. Everybody’s got their own ideas about origins, but a mindset is something that you set up in your mind, and usually it’s very limiting[…]”

From Riley on Film: Last Shift 10/10, Jun 3, 2024
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