Christmas 2023 – blog reflections

What I’m most thankful for in 2023: My 3 kids are my world. I also want to share something else I am grateful for, here goes: This year really amazed me. Please note that the concept of “year” or month, day or hour for that matter is not eternal. It was a construct assigned to us at some time in the distant past by humans. All we have is “the now.” Without human made constructs, that would be all we’d know. This past year I have surrendered to the moment more than I have in decades. As a 5 year old I was in touch with it. It got clouded through the years, leaving me a victim of thoughts about the past and future. We have all we need to live right now in the present. It is when I look to the “interpretable” past or the “predictive” place we create called “the future,” I see clearly there is no reality apart from the present moment. I’m thankful this year I can grasp that. It ends anxiety for me. I’m thankful to know my true home in my body in the present moment as long as I am aware of myself. Some call that awareness “Consciousness.” Here is a song I wrote and recorded this past year. It is an instrumental and it brings me back to my first realizations in 2023 about my place in the present moment. I hope you enjoy. Seasons greetings.

Discoveries of Youth (Kaleidoscope)

Our life memories are not permanent. They disappear like vapors. Remembering them in writing isn’t even close to eternal but it’s closer than just living life unexamined. 🙃 Ponder this, Saturn alone is 5 billion years old. Scientists predict its rings will melt away in 300 million years. Our lives aren’t even a blip on the radar of time. Guess we better get to living while we’re here right? This is a song I wrote and recorded with my then band “63 Lipless Fish” at age 22.

I Leap.

A throwback journal entry from 2016.

I used to keep Michaels in business with stickers and all that jazz. Maybe I’ll start scrapbook journaling again in 2024.