“Bitter lil me,”a non-love thought. A good numb is growing.

Recently I stopped expecting anything from my ex. Now I’m generally less mad how she is literally pinhead from Hellraiser 24/7 at times. So I learned this: don’t expect things, then you’re never disappointed 🙂 Good little lesson there kiddos. From the Annals of heartache 101. Remember that phrase from the 80’s “No brain, no headache?” Say it back to me: okay good. Now implement it. Note to self: “Remember what happened last time you vented online.” Oh yeah. Strike that. We still care enough to …. Can’t imagine anything much these days sorry. Like a it’s like a good numb tho. She says she put in her time. Wow. She left me with that mindset? Probably better she left. This has been a vent only.

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