¡Zen y La Fermata! – Companion Projects Index

This avant gard 3 companion art piece by me, Damien Riley, can seem complicated.

How do you access and experience all three domains?

Easy: Use this page as an index for the three parts and refer to it while exploring the exhibits and I think most will understand and enjoy this powerful and sometimes taboo work quite well. I am affixing it to the top of my site for easy reference. It will likely be a while until my next big project. Until then subscribe to my site and like wherever you find me! It helps me eat and care for (spoil) my three kids. God bless you for helping.

Jumping around is allowed. I now release you to look around the exhibit. When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance. I feel I have here to n this conglomerate art piece 4u 4me 4all.

“Strawberry Fields, nothing is real.” -John Lennon

Namaste. ♥️🎙️🎸📚


My work utilizes high vibrations of voluminous journaling with some thoughts built over long periods of time. Let us know how it goes and feel free to ask questions. Best Practice!! Leave comments and help transform this website into a dialog instead of its monologue nature. You can change that. We could get huge.

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¡Zen y La Fermata! My reflective aphorisms n hindsight

Upon completing tonight my creation ¡Zen y La Fermata!, my latest and 3rd book along with its companion album and audiobook I have recorded me myself reading ¡Zen y La Fermata! To the listener.

Feels so fucking good to complete a mammoth art project like this, across three modalities or artistic expression. Time to sleep now while you benefit from this labor of my love, you are part of that: my audience. 🎙️🎸 📚


I feel a sense of deep accomplishment.

So far, writing the first two books was a transformative thing. Big time with this third one. For a once stubborn depressed guy, it’s been life giving. Just ask or search it up If you want a paperback, I’ll send the link to you. It will be available in paperback and ebook format for purchase in just a couple days (as of 06/16/2024)

Subscribe so you’ll find out the minute they become available. Meanwhile, it’s ALL in the posts!!! Enjoy a little of my charmed life in these books. I hope they make you laugh. I hope they get your thankfulness practice going. Have a good night. Here is the last part finished earlier today: The Audiobook Part. You can start here or at the pdf part or at my musical album if the same name (a companion to the book)

Q: What did the snail say riding the turtle?

A: Weeeeeeeeee

Yes I am the Emperor of Dad jokes since be4 they were a thing.

Good night sweet princesses, yes and you too princes sheesh get the memo. Lmao 😹 Just kidding lol. My fans are solid 50/50 M/F. You go girl.



¡Zen y La Fermata! Completed and ready for fans! by Apple Valley’s own author Damien Riley

¡Zen y La Fermata! Completed thought! Done. Get my piece, Damien Riley across 3 modalities.

it’s done! Here for y’all for free. Get huge attention by joining my PATREON!!! I can show you the magic of thankfulness and imagination in your life. That’s just really special outtakes and other benefits. My ongoing life art project will always be available at my blog rileyonfilm.com, even if the name and purpose shifts. Bookmark rileyonfilm.com and you is done pal y walzies!!! for free as long as I’m alive and kicking. I put out

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The Book Part of ¡Zen y La Fermata!

The book modality of this infamous freefer artistic 3 part monster project by the name of:

¡Zen y La Fermata!
podcast 🎙️ | music 🎸 | books 📕
By Damien Riley (Plays Zen on the shorts show of the same name.

This post is the book 📕 modality.

Check out the audiobook of the ¡Zen y La Fermata!book on my podcast 🎙️. This is one of the of the modalities for this piece.

Last but not least and out of my preferential order (this should be #1) the companion musical album written, performed, and recorded by the author, me, Damien Riley: ¡Zen y La Fermata! The Musical Album by Damien Riley Is hosted exclusively on YT and YT Music. This is yet the culmination of it and the other two as part of this single-driven goal of getting people to use their imagination to be thankful. That is the true purpose and meaning of my work

Because it works for me.



The Audiobook Part of ¡Zen y La Fermata!

Read by me, the author, Z Damien Riley, y La 𝄐 (I’m lookin for you!) I know you’re getting ready 4me.

Direct link to audiobook file, find it wherever podcasts are hosted. play in player or download.

Women like this are listening. Oh my. That’s a thrill for the centuries. Hi out there 😉
Podcast show containing: The Audiobook Part of ¡Zen y La Fermata!

Podcast of the audiobook (follow & like me) https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/damien-riley/episodes/Zen-y-La-Fermata-e2kvdjj

¡Zen y La Fermata! (Audiobook) read by the author, Damien Riley