What I Let in is my Choice Every Day

I love the trending phrase “You can do whatever you want forever.”

This is the beauty of “being” a “human” with free will. Think of these choices as a daily set of CD’s in your collection that affect your consciousness. Some are wholesome and you love them and some are unwholesome but you love them very much too.

The truth is that, to have a more a wholesome consciousness, the number of wholesome CD’s for which you choose to “press play” on in your life must be more than the number of unwholesome ones. Examples of what we make a choice to let inside are television, movies, books, PEOPLE and other input we choose to allow into our consciousness.

I know what feels wholesome for me and I want to practice pressing “play” more on those which affect my consciousness and hence my soul. I want to live what I know inside as a wholesome life, I am a co-creator of that. There is no hiw-to guide that can create my soul but I can choose daily what I let affect it. This is my free will and power of choice and that is what I love about being a human.

That is what they mean about manifesting ones own reality. It’s not luck, it’s harnessing and feeling your free will based on what you feel like. You start by being still, closing your eyes and feeling deep inside yourself.

Take care of yourself.

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