Twilight light Zone is Holy in its Essence, holding much wisdom about the human condition. Well worth your time.

7 best ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes to watch on Twilight Zone Day

Rod Serling: In his autopsy, they found the lungs of a 100 year old man yet he died in his late 30’s. H was a chain smoker on set and in his writing episodes. But oh the window he haves us to ourselves. Thank you for Rod Serling.
The famous intro words.

May 11th is (was/will be) Twilight Zone Day. But you can watch them any day and be blessed.


Which are your favorites? Mine is “Eye of the Beholder for writing and respecting the “Other” with a capital other when forming an argument using rhetoric. ~felt

Ciao 4 now ✌️♥️🙏 Damien ~felt

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