Shits-his-pants Elon is at it Again. See how they flock to him. 😰

So, have you heard Elon Musk bought a network and promptly fired the panel of “The View?” Without cause?

Scroll down for my response:

A show (or service like Twitter or the View) has a vibration. That vibration cannot be separated from the form. Firing the panel will produce a very fleeting temporary “unearned vibration” like “X.” Then, after some time, it will descend to it’s true devil owned vibration. Like a stinking child boy in his mess, Elon Musk has snuffed out the rightful vibration of a work of art just like he did with Twitter with the empty weak weapon of wealth. His Karma will suffer. I feel sad for this billionaire shitting his big boy pants once again but sadder for you guys supporting him. That becomes your vibration in conflict with your inner being. His vibration is that of an incontinent thieving pirate. If you follow his essence, which I read many of you commenters on social media do, be ready. You will live in the diaper of his vibration indefinitely. I feel sorry for you the most. I don’t see a way out 4 u sorry.

To poor shit pants Elon I remind you that Money Can’t Buy You Love.” I stand in ardent opposition to everything you represent. It ain’t long for the day for you pal.

In Love and Light,

Damien Riley

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Damien Riley, “Bu bye Elon. Your musk stinks.”