“Hitch a Ride on a Daydream” – Track 1 from my newly released album ¡Zen y La Fermata! (2024)

Click on the three lines in the embedded YouTube player above to see the menu for the whole album. Love, DAME.

This is a playlist for the new set of tunes. I thrive from donations but lately I have been wanting to give this stuff away, so it’s here for those with no pocket money. You can donate to me to support my art on PayPal at


It is much 👍 appreciated. I hope you enjoy the music. -DAME ☺️🎵🦵

Need help getting the music? Contact me at

rileycentral at Gmail dot com

The next time you reach for Ibuprofen for your mild headache remember this aphorism:

Wait a while and think of the less fortunate before taking Ibuprofen when you have a mild headache. In waiting, you foster the path of enlightenment through the practice of compassion.

Mild pain should be tolerated for a time as it gives us 3D empathy and compassion for those on the planet who live in pain 24/7.

Empathy and compassion for ourselves, furthermore, should precede compassion for others because we need more self-love that nurtures compassion for all beings on the path to Buddhist enlightenment. What’s all this in an even shorter aphorism?

I’m fine, I’ll wait.

Enjoy your day.