“Hitch a Ride on a Daydream” – Track 1 from my newly released album ¡Zen y La Fermata! (2024)

Click on the three lines in the embedded YouTube player above to see the menu for the whole album. Love, DAME.

This is a playlist for the new set of tunes. I thrive from donations but lately I have been wanting to give this stuff away, so it’s here for those with no pocket money. You can donate to me to support my art on PayPal at


It is much 👍 appreciated. I hope you enjoy the music. -DAME ☺️🎵🦵

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Me Playing my Original Tune “Talk to Me” at the Victor Valley Community College Talent Show 3/19/2024

English Professor Damien Riley, 54, a local singer songwriter in Apple Valley, California plays and sings an original song at VVC in Victorville. His band is called “63 Lipless Fish.” They play occasionally in California and their music is featured on Youtube.

“What a great way to enjoy a Tuesday afternoon! Namaste!”  -Damien

Really into it, the students watched with baited breath: “What would Professor Riley be like performing music? Would he be like the instructor we know?”