Pail and Can – my new song meaning and influences

This song was originally based on a theme of childhood wonderment I powerfully felt influence in in the words of Robert Frost’s poem “Going for Water.”

It also draws from the shortest poem ever written, William Carlos Williams’ epic “The Red Wheelbarrow.”

My lyrics ended up being:

“The well was dry beside the land
And we looked on with pail and can
As children
It’s where I found out who I am
A red wheelbarrow and pail and can

Fake it til I make it
Gonna make it good
Gonna make it to the island where you left me
Staying in my own side of the street

The well was dry …. Repeat all”

Here’s the song:

It’s about wonderment of childhood. Memory of Arizona, the desert smell and my brother and I collected rusted cans and metal stuff in a pail. 🙂

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