Claim to Fame

Everyday Talent

It’s a lantern to bullshit when someone contacts me after over 30 years and immediately starts making comments about a famous singer and If I might have known her in childhood through ny parents. Of what consequence is that to what I have created or persevered through? So what if a tv talent show host gets a new season, there are still starving hordes in the streets and adults who can’t read. It’s surreal how fame hypnotizes in our culture. There is just as much talent in each one of us as in any celebrity, Focus on everyday people. Fame is a fioolish game. You dont have to sell a million songs to prove anything about your talent or your worth as an eternal being.

Manifestations might look something like this:

You go to get Krispy Kremes for your students at Silverado High School and get your debit card out to pay
The donut clerk is a student in your class from last night at VVC and thanks you for being her teacher and comps the order.

Make your connection. I think I’m in alignment folks.

That’s going in my book.