Julie’s Note :) 6/9/2024, my 55th birthday.

Dad; (improper use of semi-colon) ♥️ Thank you for teaching me wisdom and the Art of meditation. I love you and I’m so happy I got a dad like you 🙂 -Julie ♥️ Happy freggin’ birthday! (She painted me a picture for my 55th birthday) 6/9/2024
I’m deeply moved. 🙂 2024, 55th birthday.
🙏 my girl’s back.
I remember this day ♥️🙏👨 dad moments.


JoBeth omg you are a beauty.

Review plus my commentary on turning 55. (Me not Poltergeist)

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All my life has been miracle after miracle. I turned 55 today ♥️

¡⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹ y La 𝄐!
¡Zen y La Fermata!

Song: “Pail and Can” the first track off my upcoming album:

¡⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹ y La 𝄐!
¡Zen y La Fermata!

Available for a small donation if any amt. Those without pocket money will get it free of charge. Please give if u can. It helps me eat and continue this chicanery.


¡⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹ y La 𝄐!
¡Zen y La Fermata!

Coming soon in a messy way Summer 2024. ♥️🙏🎸

Have you heard Damien’s new album? It comes with a companion book and audiobook that HE reads to me every night! Get ya sum!!!

¡⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹ y La 𝄐!

¡⊹╰(⌣ʟ⌣)╯⊹ y La 𝄐!
¡Zen y La Fermata!

“I don’t like to garage sale.” -The phantom (ego)

A trio of creations: Print | Music| Audiobook (Read by author himself a professor/author/singer-songwriter and this new soc med term “creator”
Coming in a messy way 🤣 Summer 2024

A trio of creations: Print | Music| Audiobook (Read by Damien Riley, professor/author/singer-songwriter

Coming soon in a messy way 🤣 to an inverted sock near you.

“Happy 55th birthday Damien.” -JoBeth 💋💄🫦🤫

I am thankful for my life. Happy 55th to me, from ME, my guardian angel.
“I was in such a f’d up situation. All throughout I knew something was off but I tried to love over all that … plus she was so hot.” Damien s Riley
the symbol of the Fermata, musical notation and ascii code. Make it last peeps. This ain’t no dime ass show.
HBD DAME I love your show! https://youtu.be/TAVg2SQ59wc?si=-HkCW5mZr9nFceMN
To pay homage to my late pal Erik Pedersen “Elise on MSNBC, have my baby!” ♥️💪🙏🎸🤣😎🤩😯😳
Congrats on your hubby and fam. But seriously, u r gorgeous.
“Omg. Legs make the world go around, er walk around people.“ -DAME