My book “Bipolar Professional” is [now] out.

Update March 2024: My book is available now! Recommended seller is Link is here:

Legs for breakfast baby!

While living and studying in Guadalajara, MX back in ‘96, I’d sometimes busque acoustic in the streets. I’d make enough and more for a taco or two. But sometimes when several good folks were listening intently, I’d stop abruptly and hold my hat out in my hand to signify a request for tips. Without a fault, they would quickly turn their face away pretending they weren’t listening. I’m not rich but I survive. I’ve prepared a book that will forever change the way you see bipolar disorder. In a day or so, the link will appear at all my online sites. Feel free to bookmark as that is my home page where all things Damien Riley are posted. I used to call it “Riley Central.” The book is 12 dollars. I get a couple bucks if you buy it on Amazon and just over 7 per book if you buy direct from Lulu dot com. I really would appreciate your patronage. This is my life’s work in a book. Watch this space. It’s called “Bipolar Professional.” Much obliged lovely Facebook friends. Oh one more thing, enjoy this new instrumental I just uploaded. Peace and love. -D

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