Do less, BE More.

You can’t feel good without feeling bad. You can’t have a day without night. You can’t have an eternal rose. They fade and distentigrate. People have posited whether eternal life is possible on this basis. Maybe it was meant as a metaphor? Everything else in existence testifies that when we die, we’re gone. Why do so many people following religions have a problem with that? We are in the kingdom of heaven now. Enjoy the day. Maybe the point of life is that there is no point. I try to live in the present. When I diffuse essential vanilla or lavendar, I feel the life force inside me. I don’t look to the fantasy of heaven or fear of hell. I AM. Some people are so heavenly minded they miss the only life we may ever get to enjoy: the present moment. Do less, BE more. My conclusion? Use it, feel it, take it while it’s here. 😀 it is here for you now.

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