Dad: Son why did you pick that picture for the cover of your new book?

Damien: I like it. I look worried yet determined. That’s how I felt living as a bipolar writing and publishing this book. I like the Herman Hesse hat and Havana unbuttoned shirt. Relaxed me. It’s more about showing what I’ve done with this diagnosis. I’m out to be real and show how I’m still making it and having amazing vision for my life and influence in my present time.  It’s not a drawback to life, no matter how worried you may get. Put your hat on your head boy. Unbutton that shirt and go boy go INTO THE EARTLY REALMS and just be. As a high functioning Bipolar Professional one can press on and blow everybody away with their contribution, sometimes more than a normal brained professional can. Plus it often accompanies unbridled genius in cases like Vincent Van Gogh, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Richard Dreyfuss … it’s a huge and growing list et al. Google famous people with Bipolar disorder. This book though is for anyone struggling with haunting unfulfilled dreams fettered by the human condition. It’s not just for bipolars. I’m living an amazing life in the present moment. It’s pretty great typing right now. Buy my book, I tell my fans. Support me and my 3 kids. Support more books.

Dad: be very careful.

Damien: Always dad. I love you. This is a book I needed to write. Don’t worry. I got this. Thanks for the DNA and moral support. You’re the best dad in the world. No hyperbole.

Dad: 😎

My books are both available now for purchase, shipped directly.

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