It’s so amazing how billionaires are the puppeteers barking marching orders at often impoverished MAGA citizens. 😳 They do anything fueled by their racism and unfounded hatred of true public servants like: President Biden, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Trump saw this blind and groundless hatred scattered in the country among a minority but easily led sub-sub culture demographic seized on it victimizing the ignorant poor to solve his financial problems by creating chaos, divsion, and most of all DISTRACTION from his plethora of career-long crimes. He even changed his party affiliation to Republican. MAGAts are stuck in a loop of Billionaires’ hypocritic hypnotism of the poor and ignorant. They’re caught in a hell on Earth for no other real purpose other than to enable billionaires to buy more and more for themselves. They don’t care about logic. Inflation makes the country mad, Trump blames it on Biden. Wake up Amurrica! Enough is enough. Please vote Biden America. End MAGA insanity. If Trump wins you will never vote fairly in a democracy again. I am 100% sure of it. Get out of Trump’s blindfold hold on you. You can do it. I still believe in America, despite MAGA.

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