An excerpt from my soon to be released book (My second book thank you very much) “Adaptive Risk”

An excerpt from my second book, currently in its final processing stages: “I used to have an answering machine that when you got home and pressed the play button would say in a Siri-like digital voice “You have, no friends.” Wish I still had it. That thing would have probably been worth a fortune, to say nothing of my blue series Star Wars cards or for that matter my ex’s Garbage Pail Kids. The friends in my head remind me of that when I want to throw stuff out. What would be today’s equivalent? Maybe something like when I say “Hey Siri, turn off Do Not Disturb” and she abruptly retorts, “Do not disturb is already turned off, You’re a pathetic loser and there are no new emails, messages, voicemails, replies or comments, or prayers at your blog. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Damien Riley, go pound salt.”

Working on the final part of my second book today which is due out soon, my deadline is Christmas, I am hopeful it will sell and I’ll become more famous than __ Maybe it will get me friends and money so I can ask a good price for it. It will be a memoir on living with Bipolar disorder type one. I feel ok revealing it niw finally for two reasons: One, that asshole Robert Downey junior has spoken freely about his chronic diagnosis as have Carrie Fisher, Ye, Ned Beatty, Richard Dreyfuss, Selena Gomez, Brittany Spears, Demi Moore, and a long growing list of so many celebrities these days. it’s “en vogue” when you’re rich. It’s like a broken mood thermostat that everyday people who live lives of quiet desperation usually shut up about and could yse a book like mine. Though It may prove to be an albatross around my neck. I’m odd so it’s gotta come out sonetime. I thought, “Might as well write it.” Maybe it will educate people and reduce the stigma. It’s not so much thst I trust the masses as much as I can call myself an author since it’s my second book. I aint no noob. Do you also feel sonetimes friendless? Buy it when it comes out. It’s not just for my fellow bipolar losers checking their answering machines hopefully, it’s for any unsung hero who is persevering through adversity.”

Here’s a free copy of my first one. Read and Enjoy, it’s on me.

☮️ ❤️ and 😋

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