Ep. 1 of Riley on Film’s “The Night Owl With Damien”

Pilot episode of my new daughter project at the mothership podcast Riley on Film, “The Night Owl With Damien” A YouTube show. This is my jump to video bros!!!  🙂 Please watch it on Youtube, I cant believe I’m still young enough to do this.

Subscribe, like, and comment. No time like the present 🙂 Ladies get to cut to the front of the line. Otherwise all are welcome to get their drums caressed, pass out, and fall asleep. 😴

Amazing Invention I Came up With! I just thought of a great new way to select the movie to watch for the day. Choices choices!!

Select two if just one is not grabbing me. Then use this logic: if “TITLE” doesn’t click for me after 20 mins, I go with plan/movie dos. My current 2 are:

The Milenmium Bug

It just seemed natural to poke I mean pick that one 🤣 👩 hmmm.

And Stalker. I read an article that makes me want to see this. I’ll report my findings after shaking hands with the Mayor at some point.  https://startefacts.com/news/one-of-sci-fi-s-all-time-greats-is-streaming-on-prime-in-april_a117