Vote for Cave of Forgotten Dreams, my Pick as Movie of the Month on the LAMBcast

Hi friends. Please Vote for My Pick “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” as Movie of the Month for September on the Lambcast.Scroll down for why I am asking your help!

In doing so you will not only be promoting an award-winning documentary about cave paintings and their 35,000 year history but also you can help me win and be the guest host on the LAMBcast. There will be a panel with me if I win discussing this extraordinary film. Here’s some reasons why I am passionate about this film, please go vote as soon as you can! Please share this post!

  1. In my own voice, I share my fascination with this movie:

2. The trailer:

3. My Review at Riley on Film Please go VOTE for Cave of Forgotten Dreams as soon as you can! Also, can you please share with friends? I really appreciate your help with this!

Yours Truly,

Damien Riley

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