Mad Max: Fury Road

This is a wildly exciting sci fi/futuristic rural adventure in fast cars and weapons. Yes. The cars are some of the weapons.

A woman rebels against a tyrannical ruler in postapocalyptic Australia in search for her home-land with the help of a group of female prisoners, a psychotic worshipper, and a drifter named Max.

It did well with the critics but not without its detractors. I had read it was a class A action movie and on that basis alone I was excited to see it. I saw Mad Max in high school so I was aware of the character and the austere Australian cult vibe of the movie. This new version was only alike in costumes. The dialog was minimal but there were some heavy themes present. The evil leader gets his minions to blow themselves up by explaining some sort of after death paradise. Modern parallels anyone?The movie is not from the perspective of Max this time.

We see a lot from a group of women who get pregnant and suppy their milk to the group for nourishment. I’m not entirely sure how helpful this was to the plot. It did, however, show by proxy that they had lost civilized conventions … like cow’s milk. The chases and shoot em up scenes are top notch. I wasn’t bored once. The movie really is just one long car race and gang war. If you saw the trailer, you know about the flame thrower guitar. I wondered why that would be there but then recalled how in the revolutionary war the soldiers were often led by flutes and drums. By the way, in addition to the wicked guitar flamethrower, there are some amazing drums on the cars. So often action movies get caught up in storytelling scenes.

Max avoids that. It’s just one long running action scene with pointless dialog from time to time and in between. Because it didn’t focus on Max very much and because the story was a little weak it lost points. As an action movie h

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The Quick and the Dead

Proof that Metacritic isn’t always accurate. Sam Raimi made this super fun western that showed a quirky style can work in a western.

Hints of Tarantino but has a unique kick to it. Contains a star studded class including Gene Hackman as the villain you love to hate.

Sharon Stone is highly attractive and plays a stone faced fox seeking vengeance. At times it drags but overall it’s highly engaging. 9/10.


“Headless” Movie Mini Review: For horror buffs only, for sure. Watch at own risk. Not terribly bad! By the end, my wife and 20 y/o son had left the tv room but I remained :) The good: creepy and disgusting necrophilia and such. A shocking but quite interesting story. The bad: Origin story had me rolling my eyes. Eyes, yes, he does “stuff” with them. Writing overall was weak but it’s a brave accomplishment so I gave it a 7/10. Fun and freaky!

Once a Month Cooking

What Sarah’s “Once a month” cooking marvel looks like. Saves money and it’s very convenient on all days except the one day you make 30 meals! You’ll find lots of tasty recipes on Pinterest.