My Rating: 7/10 Storks Cast Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer Directed by Nicholas Stoller, Doug Sweetland Written by Nicholas Stoller Other Info Animation, Adventure, Comedy Rated PG 89min (and no more, thankfully) For grown-ups: For kids: Storks landed in my local theater tonight and I was there with my 2 daughters ages 9 and 11. […]

‘High Rise’ – Style Over Accessibility

Some movies look really slick as this one does, and believe me I was impressed with the look of it. Unofrtunately for me, I hadn’t read the book and I think somewhere along the plot line I got lost.

‘Suicide Squad’

My Rating: 3/10 – It doesn’t really matter that critics are giving this movie an average of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. People are paying to see it anyway. The explosions and short-attention-span vignettes are what makes it very much like a comic and we all know how popular comics have become in pop culture. Starring: […]

‘Stand and Deliver’ (1988) – An Inner City Teacher & His Students Make History

After Jaime Escalante’s students passed the A.P. Calculus exam for a second time to prove they didn’t cheat, Escalante says to the test company: “I want the original scores reinstated.” What a cinematic moment! Those kids stood and delivered!

‘Ben Hur’ (2016)

Ben Hur is effective for bringing up the topic of the historical figure of Jesus because the film is not about Jesus, he is only background. There is no Jesus-subtlety in this reboot.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

“The devil comes from the sky.” -Lex Luthor Apart from misleading marketing, even down to the very title of the film, “Batman v Superman” is an amazing film that audiences are sure to continue enjoying. The critics at large have dismissed its genius but time will take care of that. Batman v Superman: Dawn of […]

‘The Family Fang’

Starring: Christopher Walken, Nicole Kidman, Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Marin Ireland, Eugenia Kuzmina, Jason Butler Harner, Michael Chernus, Josh Pais, Mackenzie Brooke Smith Genres: Drama Directed By: Jason Bateman Runtime: 105 minutes Studio: Starz Digital Media MPAA Rating R Once in a while I see a movie that reminds me of a made-for-tv film but […]

Weekly Roundup – Movies I Reviewed Last Week

I spent some time looking at older films like Planet of the Apes. I also got one new film in: Lights Out. Enjoy. ‘Lights Out’August 27, 2016 Short Film Review: ‘Lights Out (2013)’August 27, 2016 ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’August 26, 2016 ‘The Planet of the Apes’ (1968)August 25, 2016 ‘Apocalypse Now’ – Tour Through a […]

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