The Audiobook Part of ¡Zen y La Fermata!

Read by me, the author, Z Damien Riley, y La 𝄐 (I’m lookin for you!) I know you’re getting ready 4me.

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Women like this are listening. Oh my. That’s a thrill for the centuries. Hi out there 😉
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¡Zen y La Fermata! (Audiobook) read by the author, Damien Riley

“Hitch a Ride on a Daydream” – Track 1 from my newly released album ¡Zen y La Fermata! (2024)

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This is a playlist for the new set of tunes. I thrive from donations but lately I have been wanting to give this stuff away, so it’s here for those with no pocket money. You can donate to me to support my art on PayPal at


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