2 thoughts on “Podcast: Rosemary’s Baby”

  1. I do agree with you that Rosemary’s Baby is great and that it is still creepy even today. I will say that for me Hereditary was a much more effective movie and Toni Collette was better than Mia Farrow but I wont say she is bad because she is quite good. Very much enjoyed the show, but I had a few concerns. I personally don’t like it when podcasters recap the entire plot of a movie When I’m listening to a review I want to hear that person’s thoughts without hearing them recap the whole story. I like it when hosts read reviews from other people who saw the movie but I wish you would leave that section after I hear your thoughts. I subscribed to hear your thoughts. I don’t care what some random person on IMDB thought of this feature. It would be cool if you read small reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. Same thing goes with any type of trivia about the cast or filmmakers. Save that for during the review or after. Would love to have you back on for another episode on CInema Recall Keep up the good work as always

    1. Thank you. I started doing that to bring up issues for me to comment on. I have been thinking about leaving that out in favor of my own observations so thanks again for your candid words there. I feel like I got into this too late in life, I have so much to learn. The fact that you and some others still tune in really encourages me. Watch for some changes in my next episode! I would love to do your show anytime. Just let me know. – Damien

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