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07/14/2019 What I’ve Been Watching – Dogman, Yesterday. Dog grooming is a tough, thankless job, and so is dealing coke. Speaking of coke, what if the drink never existed, nor the Beatles?

I review 2 movies in this episode: Dogman and Yesterday.

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Dogman, marcello


Dog grooming is a tough, thankless job, and so is dealing coke.

Dealing coke wih Daughter there. At least he makes an attept to keep her innocent

He scores for his team players. We never see him takng drugs, their deslings are strictly for economic survival.

He’s a single part time dad.touching scenes with his daughter.

Simone robs mac’s neighbor, The police want marc to turn him in

does the time for Simone.

A good man can be taken fown so easily.

He’s changed after jail

His friends shun him publicly

The bully keeps on keeping on. Is he weak to turn the other cheek?

When must you fight back?

Thid guy spent a year in jail protecting a guy who doesn’t care if he lives or dies

Getsattacked whole taking in dig boarder

Now he’s with his daughter. Scuba diving Is she in danger.

Lovely shot holding his daughter on a boat.

I love how he got Simone to pit himself into the cage.

Lowering bed contraption ingenious

Chokes him to death

Burns the body

Has he gone crazy?

Carries Simone twice his size

Showing the guys in the yard what he’s dome

Miving the body all ariund

In the end, it’s wuiet. Me alone with my hoicrs.


he lead actor in this is definitely boosted by his manager Lily James’ performance. There’s a lot here not to tell about them because it’s fun to see the spoilers come out.

How odd it would be if household names like The Beatles or Coca Cola were suddenly removed in a sort of alternative universe. What if you were the only one who remembered them?

A dead end singer/songwriter find himself in that position. He decides to put the songs out as his ow and it’s quite a ride from there. The Beatles’ songs have the same effect on a 2019 listening public that they did from the 4 lads themselves.

We see a frustrated guy about to go back and be a teacher because he just can’t get people interested in his songs. Lily James plays his manager and lifelong friend. As I said, their chemistry is great and makes this film work at the high level it does.

I had issues with so much Beatles music being played in the film by the cryptic unknown singer. No one will be rushing out to buy his versions as they did with Mamma Mia, Rock of Ages, or Sing Street. Still, it’s not that kind of a movie.

What we have here is a bohemian back-to-my-roots movie where one learns values about fame. In that way, there is a lot of Notting Hill here. Our singer even travels with a childhood friend with verbal diarrhea spouting just as the similar character in Hugh Grant’s flat did.

I guess that’s another gripe I have. It doesn’t try to make any sense. I like Sc-Fi that comes together, this sprawled everywhere, The plot does end well though and it seems the right lesson was learned about love and focus in ones life. I plan to see it again, I recommend it.

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