(Podcast) Cat’s Eye, Donnie Darko, and 3 more films

Listen here –> thedrpodcast.com/cats-eye-donnie-darko-and-3-more-films/

Cat’s Eye is an awesome anthology horror written by Stephen King. It has a star cast of actors as well including James Woods. I also preview Donnie Darko and 3 more films: Wer, Borderland, and Copycat. I present them without spoilers as “previews” so have no fear there.

Published first at the DRP film podcast: bit.ly/2YG4Rg8

Author: Damien Riley

I post film reviews both written & audio. I'm a writer & podcaster, BA/MA English from Cal State Fullerton. Based in: Victorville, CA, USA My film review site is rileyonfilm.com

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