Mercy Black

In Today’s episode I take on “Mercy Black: a Netflix horror tv movie and Daniela Pineda face sex worship.

Daniela Pineda puts the squeeze on a ghost. I would like to be squeezed by her.

Mercy Black is produced by one of our horror favorites: Blumhouse. They have been very consistent in turning out films that are quality horror and many of them are atmospheric.

Our first actor is a Mexican starlet named Daniela Pineda, Marina. She’s from California here where I am, a place called Oakland. She’s got the chops, the body, The Madonna space between her teeth,  and yes … the eyebrows to make the money shots. I am certain we’ll see much more of her. She’s got a great look.

Austin Walking Dead, Will, is with us her as well. He’s ugly but has a certain charisma. It’s weird to see him without the charred scar along his face as in the Walking Dead. Remember him? The hater then love then hater again of Neegan? Yeah, here’s here in this, giving it more credence as a horror maybe than a new episode of the Vampire Diaries.

Here’s what IMDB says about the story. A woman is sent to a mental institution after stabbing her classmate in an attempt to conjure an evil spirit called, Mercy Black. Fifteen years later she’s released, and must save her nephew, who has become obsessed with the phenomenon.

Urban Legend vs Made up story. The child Marina babysites asks the librarian about Mercy Black. She tells him not to worry because sometimes people make up stories because we have so much information on the internet. When you “Know all the answers, the mystery’s gone.” I thought that was well put. I came from a generation where libraries had all of our knowledge. Now, they are pale in comparison to the internet.

The search from Mercy Black. Marina is very disturbed thy the appearance of Mercy Black. Will suggests she exploit what she saw and go on tv talking about it. She accidentally cuts him with an electric saw.

Her older sister hears something in the barn and goes out armed with a rake to get it. Tough sexy girl? Maybe. Unrealistic, probably.Tension building, yep spot on.

Mental illness is brought in. What if the one seeing the ghost is NOT mentally ill. It’s a spooky concept. When you embrace it it makes you wonder if the crazies are the sanes and vice-versa. I don’t particulary like this theme in a stotry but it works ok here. Will is trying to cash in on Marina’s experiences. 

Plot (from Wikipedia)

As a teenager, Marina and Rebecca stabbed a classmate because Marina believed a ghost called Mercy Black would cure her mother’s illness. Fifteen years later, Marina is released from a psychiatric hospital to her sister, Alice. To Marina’s dismay, urban legends about Mercy Black have spread on the internet. Alice’s son, Bryce, soon becomes obsessed with Mercy Black. While facing her past to help Bryce avoid the same fate, Marina questions whether Mercy Black is merely a delusion of her own creation. When she goes to visit Rebecca to talk about what happened when they were children, she discovers that Rebecca attempted to hang herself and is now in a catatonic state. When looking around Rebecca’s room, Marina discovers an old map and Rebecca attacks her.

Bryce is brought home by the librarian after tearing up library books. When he is involved in an incident with his “friend,” he says “she told me to do it”. Meanwhile, Marina follows the map through the woods, discovering old clues along the way that lead to a nuclear fallout shelter. Inside, she finds “the book you cannot read” and remembers that they created Mercy Black. While Marina now believes that Mercy never existed, Bryce falls deeper into the delusion. While alone in the house, Bryce and Alice have an encounter with Mercy Black, leading to Alice falling over the stair rail. After Marina arrives, Mercy Black attacks her. When Bryce flees out the door, he runs straight into the arms of the librarian, who turns out to be Lily, the girl Marina and Rebecca attacked to sacrifice.

Lily is angry that she lived and Marina didn’t finish her off as she promised. She admits to hurting people to make Marina remember but Marina tells her that they made Mercy up. Lily stabs Marina and threatens to slit Bryce’s throat. Marina tackles and begins choking her but releases her. Bryce then stabs her in the eye and says “I promised.” Mercy Black then appears behind them.

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