In the Tall Grass, 2019 – ★★½

This reminded me of the TV show “Lost” because it was immersed in a mystery that hopefully would be solved. Also like “Lost” it takes advantage of the audience’s credulity and never sensibly explains anything.

A brother and sister traveling pull up beside a tall grassy field. As they get out to help someone screaming, they become the ones needing help.

I knew early on by the director’s choice to leave rice pudding on the woman’s face, as a prop to show she vomited. I had a feeling that horror choice would be all the director had. Still, I watched it all to hive it a chance. There is very little worth watching here. It IS on Netflix though so if you can’t get out, I’d qualify it as a horror, there were several times I was captivated, but not a ton of times.

Author: Damien Riley

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