‘Elvis and Nixon’ – Michael Shannon as Elvis Thank You Very Much Ladies and Gentlemen

With newly Amazon-produced films like this, should we be thrilled about more or clear all bets?

Independence Day: Resurgence

Anticipation was high for my wife and I going in to see this film. After about 20 minutes, it wore off. After 40 minutes, we had very little idea what was going on.

‘The Congressman’ – Memorable Maine & Treat Williams

This film finds its strength in pristine cinematography of Maine and the performance of Treat Williams.

The Loft

“The people you love, they’re the only ones who can hurt you.” -Anne Morris According the “The Loft” movie, it’s every man’s dream to have a cave or a loft where he can do whatever he wants, including cheating on his wife (or girlfriend). I say no thanks, even in a movie. The idea of […]

Midnight Cowboy

I almost feel like if I don’t give this film 5 stars, bad movie karma will visit me. It is mentioned in so many reviews I read as well as in interviews with directors and actors. It was released with an “X” rating which is laughable by our standards today. I think you see one […]

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

Title: Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father Genre: Documentary, Crime, Drama MPAA Rating: R Year: 2008 Director: Kurt Kuenne Top Billed Cast: N/A Brief Synopsis: The disappearance of a 28 year old man reveals dark truths. The documentary maker made this for his son and complications arose. My Word to the […]

Nurse Jackie

Title: Nurse Jackie Genre: TV Sitcom, Hospital, Drama, Dark Comedy, 30 minute episodes MPAA Rating: TV-MA Year: 2009-2015 7 Seasons Produced by: Showtime. Top Billed Cast: Edie Falco, known for “The Sopranos,” and array of big star regulars/guest stars. Brief Synopsis: A nurse who juggles her family and pain-killers. Not a good combo but makes for […]

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