(Podcast) 3 Horrors: Isolation, In the Tall Grass, & Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

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I talk about three horror movies in this episode. Isolation is the one I liked the best. You’ll have to see if you agree with me on all three. I liked what they did with practical effects and a small budget. Long Live indy horror like “Isolation.”

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In the Tall Grass, 2019 – ★★½

This reminded me of the TV show “Lost” because it was immersed in a mystery that hopefully would be solved. Also like “Lost” it takes advantage of the audience’s credulity and never sensibly explains anything.

A brother and sister traveling pull up beside a tall grassy field. As they get out to help someone screaming, they become the ones needing help.

I knew early on by the director’s choice to leave rice pudding on the woman’s face, as a prop to show she vomited. I had a feeling that horror choice would be all the director had. Still, I watched it all to hive it a chance. There is very little worth watching here. It IS on Netflix though so if you can’t get out, I’d qualify it as a horror, there were several times I was captivated, but not a ton of times.

Alien, 1979 – ★★★★★

A perfect film. I think of this movie as a classic stage play getting repeated all over the theater world year after year. Only this is a film from 1979 and this cast and crew just made it once, perfectly that one time.

The creature is an important attraction. It is impeccably made through the use of a person in a costume. Clearly tobs of time was spent designing it. They call it “practical effect” when the suited stuntman reaches out his webbed hands to grab and consume a person.

The music sounds great in my surround sound. The acting is highly credible. This film puts me in a good trance every time. It is and will always be a horror film I rate as 10/10. If you haven’t seen it, please do it soon.

Friday the 13th Part III, 1982 – ★★★½

Nobody stands a chance in this franchise! The biker gangs, the campers, the sex entwined lovers … Jason plays no favorites.

This is a real fun one. It’s more f the same formula everybody loves, even despite the low ratings. We get an interesting look into what Jason “sees” in his mother in this one. I love the film. I think I rate it higher than the critics because I go in expecting little or nothing. It’s mindless fun. As the 80’s saying went, “No brains, no headache.”

This film is fun like any slasher, and this one apparently write the book on them.

The Reaping, 2007 – ★★

This one had the potential of being scary and thrilling. Unfortunately, it’s way less than that on both counts. Hillary Swank looks very hot in it (The scene when she’s walking with the pregnant woman, nice shirt choice) but I’m afraid that isn’t enough to keep my interest the whole way through.

Like I said, it had potential, as it is they took the very slow route with the pot and I lost interest about halfway through. Having said that, Hilary Swank is always a good reason to see a movie.

Dorothy Mills, 2008 – ★★½

I’m not much for Exorcism type films. This is an ok one. First watch I really wasn’t too impressed. The multiple personality angle was my favorite thing about it. As a horror film, it’s a must see. If you’re looking for much else, I’d skip it.

Joker, 2019 – ★★★½

You can’t do retro until you go full retro. In the 1970’s, mental illness wasn’t all the buzz like it is today. I doubt most homes knew what manic-depression really meant, or depression for that matter. Joker goes a little too deep in that in the writing.

You can’t have an amazing drama/horror flick when it’s paid for by Marvel and is indeed a comics flick. Joker starts out amazing as a drama/horror but crashes in the end into a Marvel fuselage. This will please the young and confound the older (like me). As you can see Joker has an identity complex.

I still liked it a lot. Hear more of my impressions of the film on my podcast The DRP Film Podcast: Listen here: –> thedrpodcast.com/joker/

(Podcast) Joker

Listen here –> thedrpodcast.com/joker/

My audio review of joker. As I tell my son, I needed to speak to my microphone a little after seeing it. This is MY experience of this quite remarkable and wonderful film. It is of course imperfect, just like Joker himself. 8/10.

Published first at the DRP film podcast: bit.ly/2Vvfa2L