Podcast: Pete’s Dragon (Audio Plot Summary)

This is my reading of the plot summary of the 77 classic: Pete’s Dragon. (text from from Wikipedia) Includes the original trailer audio and Helen Reddy’s “Candle on the Water.” (Originally posted on The Damien Riley Podcast)

Podcast: The Blackcoat’s Daughter

This is a mercurial one to be sure! Still, highly creepy. Enjoy my audio walkthrough of this film. (First posted on the Damien Riley Podcast) Film Summary of the horror/mystery film “The Blackcoat’s Daughter.” The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015) February (original title) R | 1h 33min | Horror, Thriller | 16 February 2017 (USA) The Blackcoat’s […]

Podcast: Previews of Cam / Jacob’s Ladder / High Tension

Here are some audio reviews I did on these excellent films. (This podcast was posted first on the Damien Riley Podcast) In this episode I give an introduction to three movies I highly recommend. Only minor spoilers here. Cam (2018) TV-MA | 1h 34min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller | 16 November 2018 (USA) Cam Poster […]

Podcast: Amores Perros

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s debut film is amazing. I finally got around to watching it and did a show on it here for fellow fans. (This podcast was first posted on The Damien Riley Podcast) Amores Perros (2000)Amores perros (original title)R | 2h 34min | Drama, Thriller | 13 April 2001 (USA)Amores Perros PosterA horrific car […]

Podcast: The House That Jack Built 7/10

Podcast: The House That Jack Built – Note: This is my full walk-through & film summary of this graphic horror movie. Not for everyone. (Originally appeared at: The DRP – The House That Jack Built.) My very rough notes: The director and buildup 2 levels: the incidents of a serial killer / the walk to […]

High Tension 7/10

Everything goes just perfectly in this film until the end portion. I would like to ask the director why he made the choices he did. But, then again, he is a director and they get to make those decisions. I’ve added this film to my excellent slashers list, it truly kicks as despite the ending. […]

CAM 6/10

This is an odd choice for a promo poster since the film is highly sexual and visual of “girls who wanna f***” Yep, that’s what cams are for didn’t you know? The majority of the film is looking at how that industry works in all it’s naked uglies, but these girls of course aren’t ugly […]

The Intouchables 9/10

This French film spawned the current Hollywood film “The Upside.” They’re a lot alike but I’m glad I saw the original first, it is probably much better, based on the trailer of the new one. In this one, a street savvy ex-con is hired to take care of a highly wealthy quadriplegic. There is a […]

Podcast: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

I podcasted on this, my favorite Christmas film this year, in my recent podcast episode. I’ve re-posted it here for you to check out. Listen if you get a chance and have a few laughs with me. This is the Christmas movie that always makes me laugh. Get some hot chocolate and reminisce with me […]

Psycho 2 5/10

I will respect any movie with the Psycho name attached … up to a point. The movie should be connected to the original in cohesive ways and this one is not. For starters, Norman Bates is released from the insane asylum after demonstrating his sanity. That wouldn’t just happen. Second he is released back to […]

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