Romantic Love is Self Love

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By: Tara Brach
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Length: 8 hrs and 20 mins
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You may think you want love from another because in the past it has brought you warm feelings. But romantic love rises and subsides and therefore if it is your foundation with another person for a relationship, you wont always feel good. As a result of that the relationship could fall apart. If you get a chance to do something that makes your heart warm or if you can meditate on that until your heart feels warm, you should do it. That is what you really want. Of course one day you can meet someone else and there’s nothing wrong with pursuing someone.

But understand what you really want is the feeling and that feel can be best found within, not from another person. Think of it this way: it’s not what you get from a relationship so much as what you have within to give to it. That is how you get, by giving. So practice these things that bring warmth to you heart, and manifest someone.

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