New Album Coming Soon

Hello friends. In addition to new podcasts coming your way with guests like Author David Kopf who will be discussing REPO MAN and others with me, movie and Irish music enthusiast (and my #1 friend these days) Laurence (we’ll forgive his love of the Cranberries). and my friend in Canada who I always enjoy talking films with: Hermione. Stay tuned and subscribe only not in that order.

Furthermore, I have completed the first final version of a song for the new album. It’s called “I am Loving Awareness (Ambient version)” I will update you here on my blog. I anticipate it being finished quite soon. You’ll be able to buy all my newly drafted tracks at a very discounted price before Summer. The album is called “Guitar Infusion” -The music of Damien Riley 2022. It will be released asap. The first song is included below for free.

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