Update from Damien Riley – Blue Skies Ahead for Riley on Film

Hi listeners, friends, and family I wanted to let you know I am creating my web presence here at this new site on WordPress.com The only one I’m posting is the last on my main site and the first here on the lovely and furious WordPress.com My latest one is below. Enjoy.

I wont be uploading past episodes, the here and now begins soon 😉 Note: all past present and future episodes live on Anchor.fm for your earholes. I will cross post them here at rileyonfilm.com You should not have to change your previous bookmarks.

For your info: This site is cross-posted material. The pure source of this podcast is at https://anchor.fm/damien-riley

I hope you know you can enjoy my podcast on 9 platforms so try me on yours. My top choices are Google Podcasts and Spotify. Here’s recent post of mine. More to follow. Wanna be in my gang? JUst subscribe and listen pal!

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