The Thin Red Line

Terrence Malick films are a win, take it from me. You can’t go wrong. The first one I saw was “Badlands” and I was hooked. He’s a director with a special eye for things. The Thin Red Line has an amazing cast. You can read the list in the poster… Read the rest

Eighth Grade

“Eighth Grade” is a new film out in limited release. I saw it yesterday with my daughters. It portrays a young girl going through middle school/starting High School in 2018, replete with Youtubing, iphoning, it runs the gamut … Take someone,… Read the rest

Grey Gardens (Audio Podcast)

We see here a mother and daughter living in squalor and talking together about their lives as quasi famous relatives of Jackie O. It reminds of dependence in family and co-dependence when poverty and mental illness prevent advancement. They also eat meals in… Read the rest

Sound of My Voice

The centerpiece here that makes this film worth watching is Brit Marling. She is a largely overlooked talent and gets a lot of screen time here to show just how talented she is. As a time travel film, I came up wanting but the ending is still well done and deserves … Read the rest

Another Earth

This is that movie you always thought existed about your doppelgänger on another planet. Hasn’t everyone wondered if someone looks just like you somewhere going about tasks but with a different result and identity? It’s more about choices though… Read the rest

Morvern Callar

We would later see Samantha Morton in many things including the currently running show “Harlots.” This is where she made her entrance. She’s got such a combination of calculation and innocence. She really brings that out for her role in … Read the rest

Cemetery of Splendor

I won’t try to overstep my grasp of this film. I figure readers like to read something by a guy who knows what he is talking about and at the very least comprehends what is happening. I can’t say I do 100% in this film. BUT, I will take this review opportunity… Read the rest


Since this is my first Bond Films experience, I decided to not get to big for my breeches. I picked three high points and that’s what I’ll share with you. There is a LOT that makes this film work but I’ll save the advanced stuff for the experts … Read the rest