Would you say being turned down at the unemployment office and then getting hit by a car sending you through the windshield would constitute a bad day? Yeah? Me too. Our victim in this one is played by Stephen Rea and believe it or not, it just gets worse for him from… Read the rest

Synecdoche, New York (Brief few Words)

This must have been my favorite film from the start. The last 5 minutes were so powerful I fought back teasr. I was distracted during the film, not paying close attention as I should have. One day I will watch this again. It was the ending that woke me up. The ending… Read the rest


Roger Ebert wrote in his review that most viewers would find this film unwatchable. I agree with him. I hung in there to the end. It’s pure chaos until the most graphic rape scene I’ve ever seen. Is that the best place to find clarity?


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Cloud Atlas

I first watched this film because I considered it to be a “weird” film, and I was doing a series on those. After watching, I don’t think it’s necessarily in that category. It is complex and the plot contains a total of 9 stories but there… Read the rest


Like Traci Lords in Excision, here we have another ex porn star Marilyn Chambers playing a role in a horror film. She does a great job. She’s calm until the disease kicks in and then she’s, well she’s almost like “Rabid.” As a beautiful… Read the rest


Holy mother of God, what is this movie? I’ve seen it on my recommended list for years and now I can say I’ve experienced it. A pretty decent slasher/home invasion film. What sets it apart is the complete eclipsed insanity of the killer/narrator. … Read the rest


Well, inquiring minds want to know what the nude scenes are like with Michael Fassenbender. I’ll tell you, he does his ancestry proud. Question is: did I need to see the lanky dangling reveal … and so often! Having said that, this is an engaging film… Read the rest


I had a friend years ago who was clinically depressed. She taught me how she would meditate and find relaxation to the sound of a thunderstorm on CD. “Antichrist” might be like that CD for a depressed person. You wouldn’t think that sadomasochistic… Read the rest